Creative Services

Need a Specialist or a Graphic Designer?

We can suggest a graphic designer that can work closely with you on your custom diecut boxes design. Get in touch with us to arrange a meeting.

Here at Halifax Folding Cartons we can set your custom diecut boxes above the rest!

We are happy to guide you through the ins and outs of custom diecut boxes and package design to achieve the perfect solution.

Do you have a custom diecut boxes concept already?

If you have a design already, or are working with a graphic designer, we are great resource for information when setting up files, or liaising with printers. Call Halifax Folding Cartons anytime for advice on a current project.

There are also some great resources for designing and working with dielines such as this design blog post from There are many tips and techniques to consider. As well, our experts in-house will ensure your project is ready for production.

custom designed diecut carton by graphic designer

custom diecut boxes – shown flat for shipping, and assembled